Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY - Wood crate coffee table

Over the weekend, we brought our current DIY project to our parents house for Paul to put together. This project was so fun for both of us, Paul loves to build & I love to see Pinterest inspired projects come together. It's a win win! Here she is in all her glory…

Below was the original inspiration via Pinterest
In the photo above, they stained the boxes to give it more of a rustic look & used a tin can + wine corks to use in the middle of the table. We wanted something a little more modern looking so we decided to keep the crates their original color but used a protective sealant. Next we found a pot at anthropologie & filled it with succulents, to fill in space around the pot with blue/gray colored rocks we saw at the nursery.
This table is fun because it also allows for space inside of the crates, we haven't really played around with what to do with them yet, maybe a trip to IKEA will be in store soon?
Here is some of the building process in case you want to make your own! 
These crates aren't super sturdy so we used a piece of plywood to support them on the bottom, Paul then attached the wheels & crates together with 3/4" wood screws. 
You will end up with the large hole in the middle of your table, to fix this Paul cut up blocks from a 2x4 and secured them in all 4 corners. He used left over plywood to cut a square to place on top of the blocks.

The final product!


  1. Girlfriend, I'm in love!! This looks so great!!

  2. wow. how talented!

    Stop by for a visit,

    Lydia from Vintage2Vogue


  3. you made this?? i have had my eye on the project but haven't done anything about it. i can't believe he built the crates by himself

    1. He is crafty, but not crafty enough to make the crates ;-) we purchased them at home depot (online)!

  4. Wowww!!! I am super impressed. It looks fantastic!!

  5. Wow, great post and amazing pictures!
    Would u like to follow each other ?

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  6. i love it! pinning it right now!

  7. Love love love!!! Great idea! Hmmm, my hubby might have a project to help me with :)

  8. looks so good! and i have the same couch!



  9. bought my crates starting my pin project!!!

  10. what size crates did you use for this?

  11. Original design by:


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