Thursday, October 4, 2012

a cup of joe with a sheepadoodle.

Last week, we had our good friends Troy and Aimee stay with us while their new home was undergoing some remodeling. A whole week of sleepovers?! It was awesome. They even made breakfast. For that I told them to never leave. Their sweet sheepadoodle Kean also was a guest. I've blogged about him before, I'm kind of obsessed, how could you not be? Just look at that face!

FACT: I ask Paul for a sheepadoodle puppy everyday.

Paul's response: "yes Kelley, I know…but not until we buy our own place."
*sigh* Someday...


  1. Hahaha this pic is great! Love your husbands facial expression here! That pup is the cutest!

  2. My...god...I need that dog. Or one like it. How stinking precious!!

  3. ooooh he is so cute. I can't stand it.

  4. How Fun! I could definitely handle houseguests...if they make breakfast. ;) That dog is beyond adorable!!!

    New reader here! Can't wait to follow along and read lots more! Have a good night! xx