Wednesday, September 5, 2012

alone time.

          alone time, how I love thee. Especially on a gloomy day like today. Lighting an anthro candle, sipping earl grey, all while catching up on a new show found on Netflix. Now that Paul is back in school, I have time for this :) I didn't always embrace alone time, growing up I always loved having friends around, even in college I hated when my roommate was away. Instead of studying alone in my dorm room I would pack up my things and head to the library just to be around people while I silently read over notes. 

When I got married, I was so happy to think that I'd never have to worry about being lonely, I'd have my husband, friend, companion there each night. When we started our business and transitioned to working from home full time, my heart became even fuller. After 2 years of this, I can finally say that alone time is soo good. I know that in the Spring I am so ready for Paul to have the summer off from classes, I do miss having him around, but the change of fall is so sweet. I can tell that towards the end of summer both Paul and I are ready for a little independence from each other. I'm no expert, but balance does a marriage good. 


  1. enjoy it! take a little time to pamper yourself , and enjoy some good solid quite time

  2. so glad you starting following my blog because i absolutely adore your site! also on the list of things i adore, alone time and hot tea!

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