Wednesday, August 15, 2012

updates & a photo bomb

See me...? You know, the one photo bombing..
image by Tyler Branch Photo Those 5 words, the sweetest i've ever heard. Learning our lesson from last summer, Paul and I vowed to take breaks when we could during the months of June-Sept. Montana was one and this weekend is another! Talk around our place is endless of what we are going to do with this glorious Saturday work free. Meanwhile, our main concern is not melting. I made the mistake of introducing Paul to our AC unit. Oh boy...

Know that Paul and I both grew up in homes without AC so we're used to roughing it and fans being our best friend. So AC is like a slice of heaven, now we Paul can't turn it off! When the AC isn't on Paul has a fan on him 24/7. No joke. Whenever he leaves to go into another room, the fan comes with him. Needless to say, this heat has put a pause on our running routine :( I've been so happy to finally begin seeing results though! It made me feel especially good when swimming with our family this past weekend my brother said, "Hey, have you been working out? Your abs are coming back." maybe he was just being nice, but brother got bonus points regardless that day.

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