Saturday, August 4, 2012

Montana land {part 1}

Squirrel hunting buds.

I can't be serious in front of the camera, too much of myself is spent behind it. Little sis Lauren tried to teach me her ways.

Montana was just the right amount of time, after 10 days or so I really began to question what the heck I was still doing in this cabin without cell service/internet. The thought without it going into vacation was great, I couldn't wait to have the freedom of not being able to check instagram, twitter, Facebook, email, pinerest, etc. at any point of the day. Towards the end of vacation, with us being in our busiest time of year the email list was beginning to grow, as was my anxiety. Paul needs to teach me his ways. The boy didn't think about work for a minute! *sigh* Overall, this trip was amazing. I had all the boating, s'mores, home cooked meals, family time, Crochet playing, hiking I had dreamed of. Part 2 coming up next!

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