Thursday, June 28, 2012

home sweet home.

visiting our favorite deli after a shoot mon/tues
We've had a huge helping of San Diego the past couple weeks. One of our friends even texted us asking if we had moved there, haha! With back to back shoots all in the same area it just made sense for us to stay with our parents instead of driving back and forth. I love our time spent at home, I also love how much we saved on groceries this month because of it. Home cooked meals at least 2x a day, we are officially spoillleeeddd. We caught up with old high school friends and went on a few family bike rides/hikes. 

Regardless of how much fun we had, it was amazing come back to our own home. We made a quick Costco run, if a Costco run can be quick? While shopping, look what I found!!

Only $29.95!

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