Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Celebrating 2 years.

Celebrating 2 years together..

If someone would have had told me 2 years ago that our second anniversary would go the way it went, I honestly would have been a little bummed. Pre-marriage I think that every girl has a little bit of anniversary daydreaming in her. Thinking of future anniversaries ahead, fancy dinners, maybe a vacation, or better yet...heading back to your honeymoon destination. Heck, I'll admit I daydreamed.

Our intentions were good, we thought about a fun trip, but with all our recent traveling and family vacations coming up this year, we decided to give our bank account a break. In a nutshell, this is how it all went down.

Woke up at Paul's parents house, had lunch together at the deli in our hometown, returned equipment rentals, drove to the coast and stopped at a surf shop to get Paul a new hat, continued up the coast to head home, we worked for a couple hours, I took a nap..Hot stuff, I know. My 2 year ago self would have read this and thought, okay enough. I get it, our second anniversary was a flop. It wasn't until 7pm that we decided to get our act together and get ourselves to dinner. It was chilly, so we quickly walked to an unknown but interesting looking italian restaurant on Balboa Island where we dinned with a total of 6 people in the restaurant. Afterwards we grabbed chocolate covered frozen banana's and strolled Balboa until we couldn't handle the cold anymore.

honeymooning in Kauai two years ago. wasn't fancy or extravagant. It was simple, and I think we both appreciated and found the value in the simplicity of it. I know that we will have future anniversaries that will include vacations or fancy smanchy activities and I know that we will have other anniversaries just like this one :)

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  1. What a perfect way to celebrate! Love your blog.