Monday, May 7, 2012

Pinterest recipe reviews.

I am full supporter of Pinterest, and also a full supporter of food. Luckily both go hand in hand! I recently went on a "I want to try everything on my Pinterest food board" spree, I'm hoping you have had one of those too, if not, I advice you to because they are freaking awesome. Below are some recent recipes I've tried and some critiques here and there.

MMMM... my favorite
Really, really good. This was my first attempt of homemade Alfredo sauce, and I was pleased. Next time I'm planning to cut back on the butter, it got a little too oily with the full stick that the recipe calls for. 

I have to add that I'm also a full supporter of "food with good looking pictures turns out better." And I'm usually 90% right. This next one fell into the 10% category. Nasty picture, but delicious.

cheesy bacon potatoes.
Cheesy/bacon potatoes. Recipe
These guys are perfect just the way they are, wouldn't change a thing!

Copy cat Olive Garden soup. Recipe
This guy is perfect too and tastes exactly like the OG soup, wouldn't change a thing!

Happy eating! - Kelley

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