Tuesday, April 24, 2012

wisdom recovery.

"Vicodin does a mouth good." The line I've been basically living by over the weekend as I'm continuing to recover from my wisdom teeth removal last thursday. The pain hasn't been unbearable, but it hasn't been a joy ride either. Yogurt, snack packs, soups (off all types and flavors), and naked juices are my main source of nourishment and I regularly dream about waffles, bagels, chips, and grilled cheese sandwiches. **Plus side** (yes, there is one.) I've lost 4lbs, yeah buddy. I was so relieved when I made it through our 10 hour wedding on Sunday just 72 hours after the surgery..I'll say it again, "Vicodin does a mouth good."

Trying to hide the pain before heading to shoot the rehearsal dinner. 

Husband & Chipmunk.

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