Sunday, March 4, 2012

happy birthday little sis.

As much as I love my little brother, Troy, I secretly wished for a little sister my whole life. When both my parents re-married, I happily gained 2 and when I got married I got a third! It's hard to think of life without Lauren. She was only 12 when Paul and I became an item and I also have to add that I was taller than her! Now she towers over me like a big sister and offers advice like one too. She is incredibly wise for her age and it is unbelievable to me how well-rounded she is as an individual. 

Today she turned 18, I just can't believe that in the next couple months she will be graduating from high school and in less than a year she will be off to college. What happened to my little middle school Lauren? I loved her like a sister then and now I truly love her as a sister of mine now. Happy Birthday little(big) sis!

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