Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY succulent terrariums!

I've probably talked about Paul's love for gardening here and there. But not just any gardening, only succulents. Which is great because they are currently fun and trendy! He loves the fact that they are so clean looking and very easy to maintain :) I agree! I recently came across some inspiration for succulent terrariums and shared them with Paul. The gardener was hooked, and made one for us and for our friends Troy and Aimee, who happened to snap these photos.

Here was the outcome.

Wanna try for yourself? Here is what you will need.

                        - A large class vase or bowl of your choice. We found ours 
                                   at TJ-maxx!
                        - Cactus soil
                        - Small pebbles for the top. Ours are from Petco ;-)
                        - Succulents that are to your liking!

*only water once a week!* Super easy!