Monday, February 20, 2012

Paul / health update.

A few weeks ago I posted a prayer request regarding Paul's health and for him to find a wonderful new doctor. Thankfully the Lord has answered our prayers! A couple weeks ago Paul went in for a first time visit with a new doctor here in Orange County. This process of finding a new doctor was all new to us but luckily we had heard great things about this particular doctor and decided we'd check him out. Paul also expressed some recent irregular symptoms he had been having over the past 6 months. A blood sample was taken and we received a call back that his blood results were normal. PTL! The only thing was that his Glucose levels were a little high. Too much soda and energy drinks! I'm so overjoyed his blood tests came back ok. The doctors still aren't completely sure on what it could be but hopefully we will know at his next checkup. In the meantime prayers for Paul would mean the world to us!

love this guy.

showing off his new Urban leather jacket.

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