Saturday, January 7, 2012

we've got color.

Yesterday = home depot trip, "Summer Hits of the 90's" on Pandora, and an evening of painting.

ta da!

It came out WAY more green than we were anticipating, but it's growing on us. We finally have some color in our living room!

The walls are still bare but I'm slowly finding new ceiling medallions on ebay for what we want to do. They are kinda pricey, $15+ each so the collection is growing over time :-)


  1. I love the color! It's so weird how colors always change so much from what you think they will be. But it really looks great :) And I love that ceiling medallion idea! What color are you thinking of painting them?

  2. Thank you! yess the color was quite a surprise. I'm thinking of keeping the ceiling medallions white, but that may change ;-)

  3. maybe different shades of white/cream.... love it lady!