Thursday, January 5, 2012

pray for paul.

First, nothing to worry, we hope! For months I have been begging Paul to get in to see a doctor for a check up. And bless my husband but he does have some pride to overcome at times ;-) In his world he doesn't need a doctor and never will. It's been years since he's been in for any sort of physical and for the past couple months he has had some unfamiliar symptoms. I'm not much of a worrier but I would love if you guys thought to pray for Paul at some point this week. First, he must find a doctor. He's yet to get one since moving up here 3 years ago but he promised me that before the start of his Spring semester (Jan 23rd) he would find one and finally make that appointment. Please pray for.

A great new doctor.
Answers and healing for Paul.
Speedy recovery if needed. 


  1. God bless your husband. I know what its like to be a wife & in worry for your husband!