Friday, January 13, 2012

Laughter and Spontaneity.

As you may have read, life is slow lately. Which isn't necessarily bad, I mean, I've been waiting for January and this 10 week work break since May of 2011. Yes, this is my "but I deserve" justification. Next week Paul and I even planned a little getaway. Nothing too crazy, just staying the night in Laguna Beach. Why not? Spontaneity is something that has always been in my personality. I get it from momma who after church would say on a whim, "let's have lunch in LA today!" The family would be out the door in 10, on a train in 60, and eating a delicious meal in the city 2 hours later. I loved it. I have so many more memories of my moms spontaneous personality and I'm happy she passed it on to me.

Paul on the other hand is my little planner. He nearly had a heart attack when our friends asked us to book a hotel with them in Laguna a couple days ago. "Wait it's next week?!" "umm..yes?" I answered, "What's the problem?" I live for things like this. Like mom says, "this is good for Paul."

I couldn't agree more. In the meantime. Happy Friday! Let's laugh together to start off the weekend fresh. Pinterest is also very much a part of this slow time in life. These pins are found in what I call the "story of my life" board.
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