Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yummy Christmas DIY

When in doubt, Pinterest it out! (creative, I know, I'll be here all week). If you don't have one already, give yourself a Pinterest account for Christmas. You will thank me later. It is full of so many cute and creative ideas including this fun DIY Christmas gift.

Hot cocoa in a jar!

So simple for your friends and loved ones!! ..And who doesn't love a warm cup of hot chocolate around the holidays? Here's what you need..

// Mason Jar glasses (I bought the 1 quart size but they are a little too big, if you are feeling generous, go for it!).
// Mini marshmallows
// Peppermint candy canes (crush them up and sprinkle them between the cocoa and mallows for an extra fun layer).
// Your favorite hot chocolate mix.


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