Friday, December 16, 2011

Paul's Christmas.

Before marriage Paul and I spoiled each other rotten on any holiday or occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines day, you name it we went almost disgustingly over the top for each other. New snowboarding jacket + iPod touch? No prob. Yeah, we were that couple.

We were also that couple, when we lived at home and had close to no financial obligations. Now we are much more practical. Thank goodness, I didn't think I could top the snowboarding jacket + iPod touch Christmas! This year our limit was to spend $100 (or less) on each other. This is what Paul got.

Burgundy Levi Cords...ftw
2 v-neck t's..all he wears.
Bamboo head scratcher..for those
rough school days.

I married that guy that has more expensive taste than I do. He only shops at Urban Outfitters and coins himself too good for Target. I know. High maintenance is his middle name.


  1. Haha my hubby is high maintenance too. I understand :)

    --Kylee Noelle

  2. Here's to HMH's... High Maintenance husbands!