Friday, December 30, 2011

our film.

Here it is! Our completed wedding film. This guy was definitely a labor of love. I can't even tell you how many times I started it and never finished it, only to open it up a couple months later to start all over again. Creating films of our couples wedding day comes naturally to us but having to create your very own is different world. With an entire library of songs and playlists perfect for wedding cinema, what was I to use for ours? I finally dwindled my list down to 4. They aren't my 4 favorite songs in the entire world but they worked, and so I loved them.

"Always be" - Holley Maher
"Blood bank" - Bon Iver
"Gravel lines" - Amy Seely
"The longer I run" - Peter Bradley Adams

So a year and a half later, it's done. Just like it took me a year to fully change my name but that's a whole other story.. If you have 17 mins to spare or maybe just a couple, enjoy!

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  1. So I may have teared up a bit...but whats new. Loved that day!