Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas 2011.

Last week we got our Christmas tree on a whim..which is exactly how we did it last year and how I hope we continue to in future Christmas' to come! Spontaneity is great. While decorating we did something we rarely do, took photos with our dslr's. Scary!! But really it is. Ask us to film anything with them, no problem. Snap a photo? "You want us to do what?"

So we did. It's ok you can share with us how bad we are, we know. Even better give us some pointers! We can't focus if our lives depended on it!

her fave.

his fave.

admiring the finished product.

the focus battle.


  1. two things. I like your fav...because it is my fav too. that a goatee you are trying? I have been away for far too long.