Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday night.

Today was our first official Saturday day off since June 18th, our anniversary weekend! I can't believe it has really been that long, I'm ready for a nap just thinking about that! We purposively didn't plan anything today knowing that we wanted to leave the day free to do whatever we pleased. I tried to tempt Paul into taking me to see Breaking Dawn, apparently men aren't tempted by that at all? Hot, shirtless vampires aren't appealing to them, what? So we laid low, I spent some time (ok an hour or two) on Pinterest researching fun Thanksgiving day foods. Thanksgiving just got a whole lot more crafty! I think I have a thing for foods in miniature form.

Look at all the fun 

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Twice baked sweet potatoes. My favorite.

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Bite sized pumpkin pie.

So great! Links to each of the recipes are below each image. Happy baking! Have a great weekend, I can already tell that sipping Tomato soup and pinning will be my highlight.


  1. I have that thing for miniature food too, and I was thinking of taking it to the whole next level at Thanksgiving by offering everyone their own miniature turkey in the form of a Cornish hen. I tried a trial run the other night but it was just too gruesome and barbaric seeing all those little bones and carcasses at the end of the meal. Sticking to the traditional big bird.