Monday, October 10, 2011

moving makes you organized.

It's true! I'll admit, I'm not the most tidy person in the world. Paul scolds me about leaving my clothes on the floor, not cleaning my dishes, not putting away my laundry. I'm getting better though! This moving process (which started today, while Paul was at school because he thinks it's too early to move) has really gotten me more organized. I should move every month! I started so early because if any one knows how much "stuff" I have, it's me, and I want to make sure I clear the clutter before getting nestled into our new home. Pat on the back for good wife award, ha.

So I headed to home depot to grab a couple boxes. If there's any store where I want to go to feel like a total loser, awkward to the max, and way out of my comfort zone, it's home depot. If you're a girl who has never gone to home depot by herself yet, you gotta try it, it's an interesting experience. So after 6 people asking me if I knew what I was looking for and an argument in the paint department, I made my way out with 2 medium sized boxes. I'll have to post some before and after photos soon as right now I am tackling our linen closet. ;-)

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