Thursday, October 27, 2011


For any who have known me for awhile knows that I grew up riding and showing horses. Yes, I was that girl with the black velvet helmet and tall black riding boots. It was hot, don't laugh. Oh man, I wish I took more pictures. Ok fine, heres one.

Elf and I (2010) ..I think.

I miss riding so much! I probably think about it everyday. It was such a weird transition when I sold Elf right after Paul and I got engaged. No but literally, I sold him like a week after Paul proposed. There were so many changes going on at the time. In a matter of days something that had been a prominent aspect in my life suddenly wasn't (we're getting all Dr. Phil right now, hold on for the ride). When I sold Elf, I aways had the mentality that I'd get another horse a few years down the road when Paul and I were more established financially (horses are $$$$!). But I don't think I can wait a few more years so last night I started researching trainers in the area we live to check out their lesson programs. A lesson once a week would be plenty for me! Nice thing about living in the OC, lots of people have money = lots of horse trainers. Anyways, we will see how it goes. I pitched the idea to Paul last night and he wasn't buying it. 4 lessons a month would add about $250 onto our monthly expenses :( and with student loan payments started in the next few weeks (thank you, Vanguard). We are waiting to see how that alters our budget, being responsible is no fun sometimes.

In other news...we are signing the dotted line and getting the keys to our new place today!! Pictures to come? Totally. 

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