Friday, September 30, 2011

new memories.

So. We may have found our new home! We checked it out today, 2 bedroom, 2 bath. It.has.a.fireplace. When the woman told us that before showing it to us, I almost jumped out of my seat and said, "Dear kind rental apartment show-er lady, say no more. We want it." I adore fireplaces. There is something so cozy about them. I think it comes from our fireplace we had my home growing up. It was old fashion and cute and made the whole house cozy. When I was younger after I had gotten out of the shower I used to wrap myself up in my towel and make my way out to the fireplace to warm up before bed. Plus, it has a little shelf above it to display things like picture frames, seasonal decor, and ommggg CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS!!!

**Side note** Paul and I hit up Ikea today, which is like our hubb. Seriously all our furniture is from Ikea. I don't know how..I think the early 20's newlywed/college students/at the time Red Robin server/Babysitter income will do that to you. But they had Christmas stockings..and long story short. Paul banned me from shopping for any Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving. He has a valid point, but he can't keep me from my pandora Christmas music channel. **end side note**

So besides the fireplace..we really liked it. We are heading back tomorrow to make our final decision. It's kind of hard to make your final say when you've looked at the place for 5 mins and the "kind rental show-er lady" is all up in your grill the whole time. We will see!! I'm so excited, but this afternoon as I thought about it more, I am so sad to leave out first home together. Paul and I have so many memories in our current apartment.

That one time when we had been married less than a month we both got super sick and couldn't sleep so we stayed up and made chocolate chip cookies together.

The time when each time we'd book a wedding last year we would jump up and down smiling ear to ear. 1. you're probably thinking how lame we were, and we are :) 2. I'm sure our neighbors below us loved that.

Our first Christmas together.

Spending hours and hours building IKEA furniture together.

Our many "first year of marriage" fights <-- yes they are memories, I look back at them and laugh.

Those times when we were really into chocolate fondu, delicious, and probably the result of the 5 pounds I've gained since our wedding.

The only time I don't get sad about leaving is when our neighbors are obnoxious. So for the sake of me not having an emotional breakdown when and if we leave in the next few weeks, lets just hope they get horribly drunk and sing songs (like they always do) every night so it makes this process a little easier for us. Fingers crossed!!

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