Monday, May 16, 2011

It's been awhile!

So I have survived my first week as a college graduate. Rough life, I know. Needless to say post grad life is everything that I hoped it would be :) So much has happened in the past two weeks!

1. We celebrated Cait graduating!!

With friends...

....and there was cheesecake.


#2. The month of June has suddenly filled up with promo shoots (I always triple check that I don't accidentally mistype promo and type porno instead, that would be bad) and love stories :) Which is really exciting because 618 is going to become full-time for me!! God has blessed our business more than we could ever imagine. With 22 more weddings this year, we are stoked on life.

#3. We also just booked our first 2012 wedding at Strawberry Farms :) We are a fan.

#4. We leave for Portland in 3 weeks!! Besides shooting a rad wedding, we get to spend quality time with this lovely lady

p.s. if you haven't already...go see Bridesmaids. That's an order. ;-)

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  1. yay! i made the blog. :) maybe now that i am free i'll start writing on mine...