Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Paul and I are at a crossroads right now. Well, sort of. We had a few unwritten rules while starting 618. One of them being, I never wanted to be the wedding cinematographer that was doing 2 weddings every weekend...let alone 1 wedding every weekend. I would love to have a solid 2-3 per month. boom. But...somehow we ended up with 6 weddings booked in July and 6 booked in Sept. gaaahhh. I'm stoked and grateful don't get me wrong...i'm just thinking of the hours and hours of editing afterwards...I just don't want to turn into this:

asking why I did this to myself in mid-October..

At 26 weddings in 2011 we are thinking about keeping it that way and focusing only on booking 2012 couples. It feels weird only being in the 2nd month of the year and already thinking about 2012. Of course we have exceptions to the rule..if its a really cool venue we'll go for it and if it's a traveling wedding of course we'll go for it. But right now 26 is lookin' like the magic number this year :)


  1. that's awesome! with being self-employed it either feast or famine, I'm glad you guys are feasting so early in the year!

  2. Self employment is scary that way lol